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Frequently Asked Questions

How does The Surgery Center different from a Hospital?
The major difference is that patients who receive surgical care at The Surgery Center return home after their procedure instead of being admitted to the hospital.

Are the surgeons or the technology used in The Surgery Center different from the hospital?
Our surgeons also perform surgical procedures in traditional hospital settings. A list of our surgeons can be found here {link}. The Surgery Center is outfitted with the same level of state-of-the-art technology found in conventional hospitals.

Why is my surgery happening at The Surgery Center and not a hospital?
Your surgeon has scheduled your surgery at The Surgery Center because your specific procedure has been deemed appropriate and safe to be performed in a non-hospital setting.

Is surgery safe in an ambulatory setting?
#### surgeries each year are performed in more than #### Ambulatory Surgery Centers across the country. The Surgery Center is licensed by the _____________ and staffed by Board Certified surgeons – the same physicians who would care for you in a hospital setting.

By having my surgery at The Surgery Center, will I not have to fast before my procedure?
Patients who receive surgery in an ambulatory setting must observe the same recommended preparatory instructions as they would if their surgery was being performed in a hospital setting {link}

Will the cost of my surgery be less at The Surgery Center than it would in a hospital?
The cost of your surgery is dependent upon your particular healthcare insurance plan. However, ambulatory surgery centers are less costly to operate than conventional hospitals, which typically results in lower charges to your insurance company.